Saturday, July 7, 2007

IT'LL DO FOR NOW [ kidding! ;) ]

I wanted to make this post last week, but my Patra (she who types for me...) can be sooooooooooo LAZY sometimes! Finally, here it is :-)

So, I had talked about wanting a new bed a while ago and Balboa mentioned how he chews and tears his up for that very reason! Well, I took your "advice" (thanks!!):

It started small, but I made it bigger slowly so it was subtle. Once she saw it, My Lisa wasn't going to let me sleep in a ripped bed! Later the next day, she came home with a new one for me!!! Whoo-hoo! It's not the couch that is at the top of my list (she's working on that, she says), but it's new and comfy and ready for me to make my own!


Suki said...

That is a bootiful bed, Winston!

I was starting to worry about you...I'm glad to see you're ok! :)

Puggy kisses

WinstonBerry said...

Thanks Suki! I'm good, it's just that one of my humans is a lazy-bones sometimes!!!! So annoying!! :-)

Balboa & Mommy said...

Hey, I missed you!!!!

DUDE what an awesome bed, I'm jealous!

I have the same harnass!!! COOL!

I don't understand why humans can't just focus on us all the time, besides us what so intersting????

Frenchie SNorts

Joe Stains said...

that bed looks very fancy and very comfy!!!!

wally said...

Hi Winston! Nice to meet you. I've seen you on other blogs and I have a thing for boo-dogs!

That is a lovely new bed. I wish I could get one (hint to my naked apes).


Lorenza said...

Hi, Winston.
You did a great job with your old bed. The new one is great. Do you feel yourself like a prince spleeping there?? Sure is comfy!
Have a good night

Maggie said...

That new bed looks just the right size! Does it come with a bone-shaped pillow with a squeaker? You definitely will need one of these!

Love ya lots,

Sparky said...

What a nice, manly bed. I'm not allowed to have nice bedding, because I hump it! I only get a sheep skin-like mat.

flori said...

Winston, you are really a beautiful and clever boy. I envy you for your new bed - my armchair could also do with a revamp...
I would like you to come and sign my photo guestbook - would you?

Finnegan said...

Those pictures are just too cute!


WinstonBerry said...

Balboa: Cool! I think Red is our color! And I personally can't imagine ANYTHING more interesting that a pup!

Joey:Thanks! It IS comfy, I must say!

Wally:Thank you also! I love your "naked ape" stories! (I'll try to leave subliminal hints to your "naked apes" in my comments to you!)

Lorenza:Thanks! It's feels good! :-)

Maggie:Thanks, it IS sized just right. But, that pillow you mentioned, I'm going to have to hint around... ;-)

Sparky:LOL!! That's the same reason I'm not allowed to have larger stuffed animal toys!!

Flori:Thanks, Flori!

Finny:Thank you much, Finny!! You're cute, too!!!!!! :-)