Sunday, May 13, 2007


Every year around this time (it's almost my birthday!) I drop hints to my Lisa that my cute little tushie needs a nice new cushie! Usually, she picks up on it pretty well. This year, though, she's very busy so I thought I'd help her out and do a little bit o' research myself. Here's what I came up with:

This one is called the "Bone-A-Fido Sofa" from BEDSFORDOGGIES.COM. The cushion cover is washable, a plus for my Lisa, but it's a little small (for dogs 32lbs and under) so even though it's super-cute, unfortunately I can't put it in my "Maybe" column.

I clicked on this link because the name was clever, DURA-BULL DOG BEDS. This bed is "Ergonomically Correct" with "Skeletal Support and Pliable Memory Foam Comfort". It is chew and tear resistant, which again is a big plus for my Lisa. However, while this bed seems to be comfortable and supportive, it's kind of low and not really what I had in mind.

The "Chocolate Blues Twill Dog Bed" is a great bed. I really like this one! It's quite stylish! Washable, durable, looks nice and squishy soft!
This one is on the "Maybe" list!


This Modular Sectional from BIG DOG BEDS is the runner up, mainly due to it's price :-( ($680 BEFORE shipping!!!!)
This bed is fantastic! I mean, it even has bulldogs ON IT, so that must mean it's almost, if not totally, perfect, right?

I think this pet couch from DOG BED WORKS might suit my little bottom to a T!
Washable and durable (pluses for my Lisa) it comes in four sizes, supports up to 400 pounds (my friends can sleep over!), super soft cushion, replaceable parts should any puppy parties get out of hand, and it's the perfect size for under the window!
I think this is the one!!!!!

Now, I just have to convince my Lisa . . . . . .


Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. Berry, I sure do hope you get your dog couch!
I noticed a link for a dog cookbook down on the right.
Do you have it? I was thinking of trying to cook a little for my dog with all the uncertainty about so many dog foods these days. Are the recipes any good?

Susan said...

I love your site Lisa...great job! You've inspired me to get a little more creative about mine. You've got a gorgeous baby there...I love the pic at the top of the page.

WinstonBerry said...

Thanks, Susan! Your puppies are adorable, too!