Wednesday, May 30, 2007

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY . . . I'M 4 !!

Well, my birthday was this past Saturday. No new bed :-(
Apparently, my other beds are in great shape and comfy (I KNEW I should have chewed holes in them!!). In my opinion, a bulldog can NEVER have too many!!

However I DID have a bone shaped peanut butter flavored cake from Bone Appetit. YUUUUUMMMMMYYYY!!! I couldn't have the WHOLE thing, though. "We" saved some for another day.
And I got new toys!!!! My favorite new toy is called "HIDE-A-SQUIRREL". It is a fluffy hollow tree stump with three holes. There are 3 squeeky squirrels that fit in the holes and the object is to find them and get them out. It's so much fun and really smoooshable! I especially like playing with it around 2 in the morning, when it's nice and quiet. You can really hear the squeeks echo then!

All in all, even though it was hot outside :-( , it was a great day! I think that bulldogs should have birthday WEEKS, instead of just days!


Balboa said...

HAPYY 4TH BIRTHDAY DUDE! That looks like a cool toy and that cake, man bet that was delicious.

I always chew and rip apart my beds, this way I can get new ones to play with.

I agree with you on birthday weeks, a new toy and treat for every day!

Frenchie Kisses,

p.S. My mommy thinks you're a cutie.

Finnegan said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a fantastic day!


Sparky said...

Woo-wee! Happy Birthday!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm going to add you to my list as my brand new friend!

Maggie said...

Hey we got the same blue bed Winston! Actually we have beds all over the place here but my blue one is upstairs and I'm the only one that sleeps on it! Mitch isn't allowed upstairs out of his crate yet! yeaaaaaaaaa

Love ya lots,